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Granfoulard Bassetti

The Autumn-Winter 2018 Granfoulard collection tells the charm and splendor of a high-altitude holiday greeted by the warmth of a modern mountain house, a charming chalet with large windows overlooking a dreamy panorama, where the Italian Alps rise majestically.
The snowy peaks frame the warm and welcoming surroundings of a reassuring shelter where you can spend time and rediscover the pleasure of living the house, immersed in the peace and quiet of a typical Italian mountain landscape. The uncontaminated nature is discovered in all its beauty:
the clean and fresh air, the clear sky, the white and soft colors, the silence and the muffled atmospheres
allow you to rediscover your space and enjoy moments of pure well-being, away from the hustle & nbsp; of city life.
Granfoulard, with its marvelous decorations rich in details and with the colors and patterns of the new designs, makes the simplicity & agrave special; of daily gestures, embellishes the moments of a peaceful day & nbsp; spent in the mountains, offers a universe of emotions that come from afar and bring in everyday life & nbsp; harmony and creativity & agrave ;, ancient and ever-present suggestions, transforming every corner & nbsp; in a small private paradise.
After a pleasant toboggan walk in the open air the moment to relax with a good book & nbsp; and a breathtaking view, surrounded by the pleasant warmth of a soft plaid . You discover the pleasures of the table, dressed with the ornamental motifs of the runners and the table covers, and you pamper yourself in front of the warmth of an access fireplace, with a cup of chocolate in your hands, immersed in the decorative details of a & nbsp; href = ""> towel d & rsquo; furniture . It & rsquo; time to enjoy a regenerating break in the sauna dressed with the unique elegance of the kimono and, finally, a gentle rest lulled by the comfort of a refined duvet cover. Granfoulard interprets in a contemporary key the precious decorations and embroideries of the oriental textile tradition revisiting them with the ability all Italian to fuse always new stimuli to create unique collections: the cashmere designs and the indigenous ramages mix with elements with an ethnic flavor and with folk motifs. Everything is declined in a refined palette of colors: warm tones, typical of the autumn season, such as ruby ​​red, orange and burnt, to cold ones such as turquoise, blue and petrol blue to soft hue & agrave; natural colors of beige and yellow.
& Nbsp;
Il telo arredo copridivano del gruppo Bassetti è una esclusiva della linea Granfoulard.
Il  Fantasie dell'oriente o legate ai disegni piu' importanti della nostra terra, stampate fedelmente sui teli coprittutto in puro cotone. Questo telo multiuso in cotone viene stampato con disegni delle ceramiche o semplicemente ricordi legati alla vita quotidiana. Bassetti inventore del gran foulard nel tempo ha ridisegnato gli interni delle case introducendo un telo arredo non in tinta unita ma in fantasia con lo scopo di vestire gli ambienti. Il telo arredo coprittutto copridivano Gran foulard è fatto in Italia, in puro cotone con stampa resistente ai lavaggi. 
L' azienda milanese lancia il brand Granfoulard nel 1987  con l’innovativo telo d’arredo multiuso capace di portare creatività e decorazione in ogni ambiente della casa.
​​​​​​​Uno stile italiano nel mondo. 
Copri il tuo divano con il telo arredo misura 270x270 e cambierai volto al tuo salotto, appendi ad un bastone tendea un telo oplontis da 180 x 270 cm e avrai un effetto orientale in tutta la stanza. 
Ricopri la tua poltrona preferita con il foulard piccolo della collezione , l'avrai rinnovata e sarà ancor piu' tua, all'aria aperta stendi un gran foulard Fong 350x270 in terra e sarà il piu' bel picnic del mondo. Sogna con la linea Granfoulard e sfoglia il nostro catalogo su BenasciuttiCasa che comprende le ultime collezioni ma anche granfoulard in sconto.