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Decorative cushions

Decorative cushions - comfort and topicality on the sofa and bed
After many centuries, even today the decorative cushions have not lost their charm. From precious cushions from ancient times to contemporary models, important furnishing details remain which differ in materials, colors and design.
The most loved and the most present in the living rooms and bedrooms of all, the decorative cotton cushion is appreciated for its practicality. The material also lends itself to the most diverse interpretations: printed patterns, fringes, and irregular surfaces.
The most elegant of all, is nowadays very trendy is the velvet cushion. Its iridescent and caressing surface recalls both classic luxury interiors and spaces with a glam and fresh look.
The velvet cushion is also excellent in combination with others of different materials as long as the same color palette is maintained.
To renew the look of the sofa or bed there is no need to make big changes.
Just rely on the liveliness and or elegance that only decorative pillows are able to bring into any room.
Simple cushions or special cushions, colored or neutral-colored cushions: they will find the right place in every living context.

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