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Double bed sheets

Check out our lingerie for the bedroom from bed :
To choose your double sheets let yourself be guided by fabrics, colors and patterns.
Choose colored sheets depending on your mood to live in harmony with your space and yourself! Do you dream of a warm and cozy bedroom, inspired by distant lands?
Your bed will have to be to dress ethnicly toned sheets; amber.
If you are part of the minimal team, black sheets could make you fall in love!
The color associated with the night and the mystery in the bedroom expresses all its elegance, as well as a strong personality.
Each material gives a different feeling to the contact with the skin, changes the perception of heat and the level of breathability.
The main materials used in making the bed linen are: Satin sheets, conveys a feeling of freshness and lightness.
Satin sheets are recommended for the most varied season; warm;
Jersey sheets, & egrave; a soft and delicate fabric that adapts to external temperatures and therefore is ideal for the summer;
Cotton sheets, the more classic of fabrics for linen, it adapts to any season;
Flannel sheets, a fabric that warms up in winter nights;
Linen sheet, cool for higher temperatures; warm, but with extraordinary qualities; insulators that make it excellent even in winter.
Regarding the hygienic appearance, & egrave; recommended to wash sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads once a week.
Be inspired by the rich selection of sheets available on BenasciuttiCasa: help with the side filters to choose material, color and brand and now think about how to make it even better; beautiful your bedroom!

Scopri la nostra proposta di biancheria per la camera da letto in particolare lenzuola matrimoniali:

Per scegliere i tuoi lenzuoli matrimoniali o un completo matrimoniale lasciati guidare dai tessuti, dai colori e dai pattern.

Le lenzuola matrimoniali generalmente misurano sui 240 x 280 cm. ma esistono materassi fatti su misura per i quali dovrai acquistare lenzuola maxi di misura diversa. Per creare un look armonico, opta per un completo letto matrimoniale composto di lenzuola, federe e copripiumino. 

Se disponi di un letto matrimoniale più' piccolo, opta per lenzuola adatte più piccole di un normale matrimoniale. Per fare ciò puoi vedere le nostre lenzuola su misura. Ti consiglio comunque di avere sempre la misura del materasso a disposizione.

Aggiungi un set lenzuolo con nuance e geometrie che risaltano nella loro bellezza quando sono illuminate dalle luci calde di una bella abat-jour.​​​​​​​