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100% GOOSE DOWN DOUBLE Duvet DOC WARM Hungarian Winter


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Goose down made in Italy
PIUMINODOC Hungarian Winter
Double 250x200
Suitable for winter climates and environments from 17 to 20 degrees
Fabric: Cambric 100 approx. 110 gr / m2 -
Oeko Tex certified, NOMITE
fabric free from harmful chemicals.
Padding: 100% Hungarian quality goose down.
Machine washable at 40 ° C.
Filling Power: 680 cuin - medium high
Heat points: 4 - High heat for severe winters or very poorly heated rooms.
Sent in its breathable fabric bag
Made in Italy.
399,00 229,00 -43%

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BenasciuttiCasa Piumino Bianco Tinta unita 21559089 online selling

BenasciuttiCasa has chosen an Italian company for the production of its duvets both for the quality of the materials it uses in its production and for the experience in the duvet sector.
Extensive warranty and manufacturing certifications prove the quality of our duvets

The bed duvets produced by Minardi Industries are in fact a real piece of Italian history and culture

Thanks to its thermoregulatory and transpiring properties, the Hungarian DOC duvet uses only the bow called duvet for the interiors.

The Benasciutticasa duvets use only the softest and most precious parts of the feather, the so-called duvet.

Choose your duvet:

Heat points

The heat point is the most practical and effective way to express the ability of a duvet to retain heat.

This thermal coefficient is based on measuring the insulation properties of a material.

Piuminidoc are divided into 4 types:

Fresh duvets ( LIGHT ): ideal for the spring / summer seasons, they help keep the body cool,

well insulated and dry.

Medium duvets ( MEDIUM ): ideal for mid-seasons, for moderately heated environments. It is the right one

middle way between a light duvet and a winter one.

Warm duvets ( WARM ): ideal for the autumn / winter season, for poorly heated environments.

How to choose the right heat points?


Fundamental for the best choice of your goose down duvet is the temperature of the room where you will pamper yourself:



Finally, keep in mind that it depends on your own personal feeling of warmth, and being a very thing

subjective and for this reason it varies from person to person if you are chilly / or increases by 1 heat point if vice versa

you are warm / or decrease by 1 heat point.

We say you have to be fine if your window is ajar and even if it's closed.

This is the difference you find between a goose down and one made of synthetic material.



Guide to the size of the duvet

What are the right measures for a duvet?

In the diagram below we report the measures of our duvets for

double bed, single bed and a square and a half to guide you in your choice.

Rule of thumb: We recommend buying a duvet that measures at least 20cm in length. More than the

your Majesty!



The 5 quality tests of the duvet

1. Weight: There is a very simple equation: the lighter the duvet, the higher the quality of the filling. For

a double duvet, for example, should not exceed 2 kilograms: otherwise the duvet

it is not pure.

2. Compression: A high quality duvet when pressed will return to its original shape much more

quickly of a lower quality duvet.

3. Maintenance: A recently produced quality duvet will not let its filling fall off easily

down when held upright.

4. Lining: The distance between the partitions and the average thickness of the duvet determine its insulating power: the more

duvet is thicker the warmer it will be!

5. Fabric: The good liners are woven from pure, long-staple cotton with a tightly woven texture. Solutions too

hypoallergenic are important for the protection of your well-being!



Goose down and allergies .... find out more

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic duvet, the solution is goose down.

In fact, the feather of this animal has the advantage of being completely hypoallergenic and anti-mite.
Even for you, therefore, if you suffer from asthma or allergies, there is no reason to give up the comfortable sleep offered by the duvets of the DOC BenasciuttiCasa range.
Be demanding on duvets, look for the NOMITE certificate

The NOMITE® brand confirms that you have chosen well. The bed items, stuffed with down and down, offer favorable thermal and climatic conditions for humans (rapid development of heat during sleep, rapid release of humidity during ventilation) and at the same time present a very unfavorable habitat for mites. dust, which depend on humidity.
All the products of PiuminiDoc Minardi collections are equipped with the important OEKO TEX certification trust in textiles, the most important ecological label for textiles, which certifies the absence of carcinogenic, allergenic, irritating and, more generally, harmful to health substances. of man.

The OEKO TEX brand guarantees only fabrics of certain and defined origin.

The dense weave of the fabric, impenetrable for feathers and down, also offers additional protection against mites. Therefore, even for you, who suffer from asthma or allergies, there is no reason to give up the comfortable sleep offered by pillows and quilts filled with down and down.


The mites prefer humid environments, while the duvets favor transpiration and keep inside

a dry atmosphere.

Even the fabrics that cover the padding of the Piuminidoc duvets are a barrier against parasites:

thanks to the extra-tightly woven cotton lining, the mites cannot penetrate inside.

Finally a good branded pure cotton duvet cover will ensure your health.



Feather and down, what's the difference?

Perhaps many do not know that there is a very important difference between down and down. The duvet comes

from the goose and is the most precious part of their plumage. Its flaky structure is what it allows it to be

so light. These characteristics mean that the amount of down used in a product is also

index of its quality: the higher the percentage of down in the composition of a product, the higher the

its quality.

For the bed and clothing it is customary to use percentages of duvets higher than 70%: this guarantees

excellent performance to garments and products. The remaining percentage of padding is made up of feathers,

small feathers that are mixed with the down.

Feather, which is a little heavier, has the same characteristics, but due to its weight it is preferred in

upholstery of furnishing products.




Here are our tips:

Air your duvet regularly. The best time of day to do this is early in the morning, when

the air is particularly clean and fresh and the sun is not aggressive.

Shake it regularly, but be careful not to abuse it! Wash it at least every 4 years, especially if you use it

with great frequency. Keep it in its case when not in use.

How to wash the duvet? There is no need to take the duvet to the laundry for a good cleaning. They can be obtained

excellent results also by washing it at home, by hand or in the washing machine, as long as the instructions are followed in detail

shown on the label and, as a rule, those below:

Do not use chlorine-based bleaches, you would irreparably damage the feather.

Use the program at 30 °, max 40 °.

Set the washing machine program for synthetic fibers or cotton.

If possible, provide for a spin and fast drying.

Do not expose to direct heat sources (radiator, sun, etc ...).

Remember that large quantities of water are needed for a good wash.

If you prefer to hand wash your duvet:

Do not use chlorine-based bleaches.

Use lukewarm water.

Use mild soap.

Rinse thoroughly in several times up to 7 times. The duvet must gush out clear water.

Dry perfectly in the open air or at home but, in any case, in a warm and dry environment. Try to shake

and beat each square of the product, you will help it drain and dry.

Do not expose it to direct heat sources.

How to behave at the end of the season?

L feather breathes and requires continuous air passage, even if the filtrate. Put your duvet back in his

original bag if you plan not to use it for a long time: its case is specially designed for

let it breathe and protect it at the same time. Alternatively, even a large cotton towel can

host the product for periods of non-use. Don't use plastic bags!



Things not to do with a duvet, not even a duvetdoc BenasciuttiCasa!

Do not use carpet beater, carpet cleaner and vacuum cleaner: these diabolical tools do not get along with the

delicacy of the feathers.

Do not suffocate it with other blankets: without air the duvet loses its particular characteristics.

Do not sew the inner parts of the duvet further: the best solution, the one that works best, is that

proposed by the manufacturer.


  • Color White
  • Size 250 x 200 cm
  • Wash Follow the instructions on the label
  • Brand PiuminiDoc
  • pattern solid
  • Manufacturer 100% goose down
  • Chamber temperature 15 20 degrees
  • Klima Kalt
  • imbottitura 100% Piumino
  • confezionamento a quadri chiusi
  • Filling Power 640 cuin
  • Zertifikate OEKO-TEX
  • External fabric cambric 100% cotone
  • Kind Duvet
  • Country of Production italy
  • Room bedroom
  • MPN Not applicable
  • Shape Shape rectangular
  • Set includes 1 duvet + 1 bag
  • Number of pieces 1
  • Style Classic
  • Length 200
  • Width 250
  • isolamento Freddo
  • proposta si

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