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Daunenstep Single goose down duvet 155x200 cm D600 cold winter ****

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Daunenstep Single goose down duvet 155x200 cm D600 cold winter **** - Checked fixed finished with flat edge -NOMITE'-210 grams / mq '- 770 cuin (excellent)

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A natural, pure and simple pleasure. A line of duvets of perfect quality, because the purity and genuineness of South Tyrol is rooted in nature, in every aspect.

Enjoy a fresh breath of wind to please you in every moment of rest.

A good sleep is the basis of everything.

Are you looking for Daunenstep duvets? Here are the high quality Daunenstep duvets with free duvet cover. Buy online!

Buy DAUNENSTEP duvets online in our Benasciutti Casa store you will receive a duvet cover for free

After the purchase we will send you the form to obtain the 10-year free warranty

We will always send it in its original case


Product description


Hypoallergenic: Nomite Certification - anti-mite.

100% natural: Trust in Textile Certification.


The duvet is made with fixed squares.

Each painting is individually quilted to ensure optimal distribution of the down, even during washing.


Maintenance of duvets

Washing: Machine wash up to 40 ° - tumble dry.

The Duvets are companions of many nights. Here are some tips on how to choose and how to keep the purchased products beautiful and in perfect hygienic conditions.

Air well and shake the duvet to dust it and move the feathers. Beware of coffered duvets: too vigorous manipulations can cause the filling to move.
The duvet should be washed more or less every 3 years: with water, in a large washing machine with subsequent drying in a dryer, entrusted to a specialized laundry or sent to DaunenStep.


Choice of size

Finding the duvet measures that best suit your needs is not always easy.
We outline the standard sizes below, reminding you that DaunenStep can also tailor your duvet.

The most common standard size is 200 cm in length, but for a choice that best suits your needs we recommend
add 20/30 cm to your stature. If, on the other hand, you want to sleep with the right degree of heat, without necessarily having to
adapt to your partner's needs, you can choose to sleep with 2 single duvets (135 x 200 cm) in the double bed,
as it is used in South Tyrol.


A Daunenstep duvet is
Poetry. Likewise, the duvet conveys messages, emotions and sounds. A duvet, whether elegant, refined or even simple, sends a message, makes us understand who we are and how we live. Hence the emotion, we feel a feeling, whether it is joy, desire or carefree, this does not matter, because when we come into contact with you, the sweet and pleasant sound of the feathers, its warmth, surrounds us, encircling and flooding us. our hearts and minds of sweet poetry.

Pleasure. It is an experience, a perception of a certain condition. A duvet is light and soft, it envelops and protects us. Pleasure is comforting. The DaunenStep duvet is also a sleep regulator, because of quality, and protects us from the cold but without overheating.

Welfare. Physical and mental. Since ancient times, wellbeing has involved all aspects of being, body and spirit. It is hypoallergenic, the bows and feathers are pure and therefore of high quality. Washed and sterilized they create an unfavorable climate for the mites and therefore neutralize any possibility of their growth. In addition, the DauneStep duvet absorbs moisture during sleep, giving well-being and comfort.

Love for nature. Contact and respect with nature are essential. Expanding with the awareness and harmony of the environment is essential, even for a good sleep. Therefore, abandon yourself to nature, to the safe and natural product. No use of chemical or harmful substances and the use of only natural materials guarantees maximum respect for the environment and maximum respect for your health! In addition, the duvet is biodegradable and completely recyclable.

Together with the EDFA committee (European Association of Down-filled Manufacturers), DaunenStep is committed to ensuring adequate treatment of the geese. DaunenStep uses down and feathers exclusively from certified farms.


Trust in textiles. Oeko-tex Standard 100 is the most important ecological label for textiles in the world.
The products with this brand have been analyzed by one of the international institutes for research and testing in the field of textile ecology which guarantees their harmlessness for human health.




DaunenStep is a member of the International Down and Feather Bureau, a worldwide association that brings together manufacturers of down padding and analysis institutes. Continuous monitoring by member institutes and independent laboratories ensures common standards for testing raw materials and finished products.


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  • Wash Machine wash up to 40 ° - tumble drying
  • Brand Daunenstep
  • Chamber temperature Cold Winter
  • Klima Kalt
  • confezionamento A quadri fissi
  • Filling Power - 770 cuin - Sehr Gut
  • Zertifikate NOMITE
  • External fabric cotone Batista supersoft
  • Kind Duvet
  • Length 200
  • Width 155
  • isolamento Molto caldo
  • disegno Tinta unita
  • proposta si
  • modello D600
  • misura 1 Piazza
  • colore principale Bianco
  • Size 155 x 200 cm
  • Color White

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