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Privacy is a detailed statement to make users (the "Users") who visit this website (the "Website") aware of the processing of their personal data (the "Personal Data"), with particular reference to the types of Personal Data collected, to the data controller, to the purposes for which the Personal Data are collected and to the main protections prepared to defend the rights of the Users.
Also, they are shown on this page
types of cookies (the "Cookies") used by the Site or by third parties, the purposes of use of cookies and the methods for deactivating them by Users who do not consent to their use.
Users must carefully examine the Privacy and Cookie Policy and, in case they are in substantial disagreement with what is indicated in the same, are promptly to stop access to the Site. The continuation of browsing the site, in fact, implies consent to the indications of the Privacy and Cookie Policy.
This Privacy and Cookie Policy has been prepared in full compliance with the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) and the Italian Privacy Code.
Users under 16 years of age can give valid consent to the processing of their personal data only if such consent is given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility.
Personal data collected and processed by the site. Purpose.
Browsing the Site, the possible purchase of products or the use of services on the Site imply the collection and processing of Personal Data belonging to Users by the Site.
In particular, when Users visit the Site, the latter collects information relating to the interaction with the User's device: by way of example, the IP address used for the connection, various information relating to the browser, the operating system and the the type of device used by the User, the indication of the pages visited on the Site, the searches carried out on the Site and other similar information. As can be understood, this is data strictly necessary for navigation, or to make it more functional, especially in an increasingly responsive design age.
In addition, the communication of Personal Data by the User is expressly required if the latter intends to register on the Website and / or complete a purchase order for products. These are personal data that are necessary or useful in order to allow the fulfillment of contractual obligations or the fulfillment of administrative-accounting functions by the Site. In any case, from time to time the requests for Personal Data are indicated. whose communication is mandatory or optional.
It is also expressly requested by the User to provide (or not) consent to the use of the Data for communications of various kinds, by the Site or third parties, which are outside the registration procedure on the Site, the execution of purchase orders or the use of services: this is the case, for example, with the registration of newsletters, participation in prize events or the receipt of commercial offers of the Site, of the joint owners or of third parties. In these circumstances, the User is free not to give consent.
It is also possible that the Site carries out, directly or indirectly, checks on the payment instruments adopted by the User with the purpose of preventing insolvency, fraudulent activity or by virtue of the anti-money laundering legislation applicable from time to time.
The Site uses geo-location systems that allow users to use the "store location" function, thus identifying the geographical coordinates of the location of the device adopted by the User. It is possible to activate or deactivate this feature by modifying the User's device settings.
The refusal to give consent to the processing of personal data for purposes that are not necessary for the operation of the Site, the completion of the purchase procedures or the use of services provided by the same will not generate any significant consequence.
Personal Data is stored and processed in a manner and for a reasonable duration in relation to the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed.
In particular, the Site will retain Personal Data for a period of time sufficient to provide the services requested by Users and customers, as well as to fulfill its legal or tax obligations.
To determine the appropriate retention period for Personal Data based on the GDRP, the Site will take multiple factors into consideration to ensure that Personal Data is not stored for longer than necessary or appropriate.
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