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Tired of making the bed again? The solution is easy: sheets with corners, this is the remedy for your problems. The bed sheets with the corners have been an effective expedient for speeding up the bed making times for several years, as they have the ability to keep the sheet always firm and tight. From the thousand types, the sheets with the corners have patterns and sizes, as varied as possible. Unfortunately, it often happens that the measures do not correspond to those of your mattress, resulting, therefore, too large or too small. But don't worry, below we will illustrate how to make sheets with corners, from the patterns you like and fit your mattress. Make sure you have: fabric, sewing machine, tape measure, scissors, pins, elastic. The first step is to establish the length of the fabric based on the size of the mattress. Remember, however, that the width of the fabric must correspond to that of the mattress plus twice the height, then about 16 cm of "waste" is added for the seams made during packaging. Consequently also the length of the fabric, must be equal to that of the mattress, plus twice the height, plus the margin of waste added previously, equal to 16 cm. As for the most laborious part, ie the corners, a square must be cut that must be equal to the depth of the mattress plus 8 cm, for each of the four corners. For example, for a 20 cm high mattress, you will have to cut a square that will measure 28 cm on each side. The choice of fabric is essential. It is preferable to use jersey knit fabrics for both elasticity and comfort. Take for example a double mattress that measures approximately: 160 x 195 x 20 cm, it is necessary to cut a piece of fabric, of rectangular shape, of 216 x 251 cm. For single-bed or cot bedsheets, calculate the length of the fabric in the same way. Once the fabric is procured, you can move on to the packaging of the sheet. As we have already explained before, cut a square of 28 cm at each corner of the sheet. Match the edges of the sheet by folding each corner, right against right. Sew the two sides with a 5 mm margin, the seam can be to your liking, whether it is zigzag or not. Get yourself now two strips of elastic about 5 mm high, 7.5 cm long, the important thing is that it is less than the width of the mattress. Putting the sheet upside down, pin the center of the elastic in the middle of each short end of your sheet. Then pin the end of the 15 cm elastic band past the corner seam. Now with a seam cutter you can stop the elastic, fixing it on the edges, and pulling the elastic to adapt it to the desired shape. The operation you are about to do although it is not too difficult, need proper attention, to avoid mistakes, which could ruin the work done up to now. Pull the elastic in front of the sewing machine presser foot and hold it at the back. Finish all the edges alive, going to sew on the margins between the two ends of the elastic, to strengthen it further. Make a slight fold, about 5 mm on the back of the sheet, inserting the elastic. Finally, your personalized sheet is ready to be used and cover your mattress in the best way. Never forget: sheets can be combined with accessories such as pillows and bedspreads. In the cradles you can also coordinate the bumpers.